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I’m Flattered, really I am…

Posted by josejump on December 10, 2007

First of all Mikey, I am flattered that you would read my blog.

Second of all, I appreciate the DMCA notice… now I feel complete… it actually cements my Theory into fact, that he is a one trick pony… squalks about innocent people and tries to exploit the emotions of their family, and then when the going gets tough… out come the DMCA notices.

Seriously, this guy is amazing! How do you do it.. wake up at what, 10 or 11 am, roll over and ask your wife to move because she is blocking the light from the Motel window… get up, hop on your rentway computer and look at all the comments that people have left you. Delete them, then write some supporting ones for yourself.

Then what… revise your sorry book…again?

Surf the net looking for tragic stories… write about them, hoping to get someone upset… then take a break to worship at the porcelain throne where you pay homage to Fred Phelps, the only person that is as daft as you, only he is infinitely better, because he actually shows up.

Then you check the blogs that have exposed you again and again… Well, I am honored. You are one of the HUNDREDS of people that visit my blog each day. One of the hundreds that know what a fraud, and a coward you are.

You join the ranks of the daily HUNDREDS that now know how you faked deaths, faked adresses, and faked fatherhood. Sillygoose must sure love you and how smart you are… what a woman to follow you around, even after you tried to cheat on her. Even after you (and I love this part) send a DMCA take-down notice for a picture of your penis that you sent to someone in an IM chat…. THAT was AWESOME!!!

Thanks again for visiting my humble blog… I am honored that you would think so much of my writing that you would send me a notice… I was wondering when one of those would show up.

In honor of your daily visits, I would like to share with the world, your ode to the mall workers.

“The lost revenue during this season is one thing to consider. Also, does the store want its employees deaths to be for naught? They didn’t ask or deserve to die, but they died doing what retail employees do: providing customer service to ungrateful, arrogant, ill-bred customers.” 

Hopefully that temp job holds out long enough for you to make the room payment just in time for Christmas…

(Quote used without permission from Michael Scott Crook Vogel Delaney.)

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Michael “Fred Phelps” Crook.

Posted by josejump on December 2, 2007

Now that tard boy is on the hunt for more attention, (the problem being, you can’t get medical benefits when you do temp work once a month, so his meds are out, and he is too broke to buy more,) he is stalking the net for girls he could NEVER get.

Come on, you have seen the pictures and the interviews. What girl in he right mind would touch that guy with a ten foot pole except to beat him over the head? Can you imagine that nasally voice trying to whisper sweet nothings into your ear? It is about as appealing as Charlie Brown’s school teacher.

You would have to have beer goggles to the point of Alcohol poisoning to consider taking that guy home. The greasy hair, sunken eyes, and yes you would have to take him home, as I am not sure there is enough room in the hotel room his wife and him struggle to rent by the week for all three of you.

Yes, he is THAT desperate for attention. Make no mistake. That is the only reason he writes any of this about anyone. He has a documented history of stalking underage girls, trolling for dates while he is married, and playing the attention whore card.

Look folks, all the people out here in normal land offer our deepest condolences. We have friends and Children. These are things that have been all taken away form Michael Crook, more than once. The only thing he has to cling to, is a hope that someday, someone will buy one of his books.

Unfortunately while you struggle with your loss, he will print something vile about it, and revel in your pain as you try to find some comfort. You have lost plenty; friends and family members. He has literally NOTHING to lose.  The clothes on his back, and whatever Charitable donations he might receive, as his worldly possessions…(boxes of old newspapers and his feces collection) have all been sold off or dumped in a dumpster. That is why he is so desperate to sell his book. He needs money, and some self satisfaction…something he has no capacity to get from any of his accomplishments, as he is a complete failure. No more kids, the court has seen fit to relieve him of that duty, on more than one account. So you will tell him that he has more than one child, and all he will say is no… which technically is true, because legally, he is not that father of any of them.

He will play games all day, but once you figure him out, as most of us have… It is just old hat. You tell me if you should even be concerned about a guy who hasn’t help a permanent job in ages, who had a marriage that lasted about 6 months and ended when his wife beat the crap out of him. Lost kids because he is such a failure as a parent, and has been moved out of more homes and apartments than I can count. (He has even had the the health department force him out because he lived in so much squalor. )

The question is, do you REALLY want to let yourself be effected by this troll? He is a nothing, that will say ANYTHING to make you think he is SOMETHING…which he is not.

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Posted by josejump on November 22, 2007

Hey Crook, too bad you don’t have any family to visit on Thanksgiving… is that why you are attempting to torment other families? So what, you and your cow of a wife are going to stare at the walls of your Motel room? What’s for dinner? Is she going to be lying on the bed in her stretch pants and Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt, her fingers all coated with cheese from the off brand dollar store corn puffs, laughing like sloth from the goonies, as she watches Jerry Springer re-runs on television?

I imagine you will be hunkered over your keyboard trolling the Internet trying to find some unfortunate soul who has succumbed to a terrible accident. You might want to get a piece of toilet paper to wipe that crusty white stuff off the corners of your mouth, and slide your greasy hair to the side as you switch between porn and digging for attention getting stories.

I guess you have one thing to be thankful for this holiday. You can thank the good lord that your motel room has 2 locks on it…

You are getting more and more pathetic. You and the wife aught to go down to the local clinic so you can refill your meds.

To those who have lost family and friends this holiday season, I am sorry that you had to stumble on that miserable troll.  Take a look around here, and you can see what he is all about. Unfortunately the best he can do is repeat the same shtick over and over again, hoping to get attention. He hasn’t had an original though his whole life. He rehashes the same M.O. over and over again.  Expect more of the same from this scumbag of the highest order.

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Crook Needs attention.

Posted by josejump on November 18, 2007

Everyone look at Mikey. Evidently the Motel walls are getting too small. He needs to come up with more under age girls that he wants to fantasize about.

The reality of it all, my dear readers, is that you can read all of his posts, and you will see very little ever changes. He hides in his room, typing away on his rented computer, trying to get a reaction out of people, because he knows that normally folks don’t pay attention to the dregs of society unless they ring their own bell.

No reason to get disjointed by this guy… take some time, read my posts. Do a little Google research on Michael Crook, Michael Delaney, Michael Vogel. Michael Vogel-Delaney, Silentmike… They are all one in the same and all your digging will show you that he has NEVER been successful at ANYTHING, EVER!

His proudest moments, and unfortunately best accomplishments were 10 years ago, when he was the president of a crappy techno band’s fan club.  Seriously, I kid you not.

Seriously, the only thing he is successful with is being obnoxious. He can make a name for himself by insulting people. Great Mike, you managed to get to the level of Fred Phelps.  That is a proud accomplishment.  He wears his dismal failures with pride, like a badge of honor, failed marriages, failed jobs, failed interviews, failed parenthood, everything he does is a complete mess. He isn’t even good at not being good. He is a failed criminal! He got caught shoplifting, and it wasn’t even something worthwhile. He was shoplifting in a GROCERY STORE. 

Don’t buy into the hype.. the guy is a clown… youtube him… It’s no joke. His eyes are all out of whack and sunken in, His hair is greasy and nasty, and he got hit so many times with an ugly stick, that it left marks.

Go ahead, look at his blog, and take a gander at all the crap he posts… you can leave some comments about how he sicks, because then he will dance around the room when he sees them like some masturbatory juvenile retard. Just understand, he is a skinny little coward that is just looking for some attention, and he will say anything to get it.

Don’t worry, because he is all bark and no bite. He talks it, but he never brings it. he tried a couple of times, and you can see the results… it is now on the Internet for all to torture themselves with.

If you are going to take the time to read his crap, you might as well take a look here too. You will at least see who this special-ed drop out is.

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