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Two Years Later…

Posted by josejump on April 4, 2010

I have a life. I have a Job. I also have a family… which is more than I can say for Mikey.  Beth is still with him, heaven knows why… You know the wierd thing is, that two years later, I could look at these posts, and I could have written them yesterday.

Mikey is old hat… He is a one trick pony. The same recycled crop is still happening all these years later. What has it been, 5 years now Mikey?

Still lives in a Hotel, Still is unemployable for more than a few weeks at a time. Sill trying to ride the lawsuit train, only he is so pathetically broke, he is his own sad excuse for a lawyer.

No really, there is nothing different. I don’t even have to read his blog to tell you what is on it. Something about someone from his highschool that died, or something about a cop that died. I would be willing to bet you will read some drivel about some underage kid (most likely a girl) that died in some sort of accident.

You will also most likely see something about “colored” people or jews.  Blah, blah, blah…

Seriously, this is all this idiot is good for. Yeah, there were the pathetic attemts at lawsuits, the occasional “hanging up the hat” so to speak… but it never lasts. The guy is quite simply a moron.

Yes folks, even two years later, there is nothing to see here. 

Even with the short update, I would like to let you all know, that the energy you are spending to be angry at this guy would be better spent supporting those who he tries furiously to offend. This Fred Phelps wanna be is nothing to be intimidated by. Nor is he worth the breath it takes to curse his ironic name.

Hi Mikey… Keep that travellodge clean and you might get some more of those free little soaps.

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Coal for Crook.

Posted by josejump on December 21, 2007

Mikey has no money for Christmas, and the local Charities have gone broke trying to feed his wife… So…. Here we go with the same old, same old…

It is his typical “find a tragedy and use it to get attention” shtick. At this point it is old hat. All except the exciting new twist,(that I reported to the attorney general in his state.) Michael is now the perpetrator of “cybersquatting”. Look it up Michael.

He is blathering on to try and get readers to come see his trash about Nataline Sarkisyan. This poor girl who’s family is forced to experience a tragedy this holiday with the death of their daughter.

I feel for this family, and I would like to offer my condolences and my deepest sympathies. The monster that is trying to use your daughters death as a platform for desperate attention is well profiled, and you should know that you are a successful and blessed family. I am sorry for your tragic loss, and if it makes you feel any better, you can read in this blog about some of the traits that make this guy, that is attacking the memory of your daughter.

He is a complete failure, and know that though you may have lost your daughter this holiday…. He has lost all of his kids, and not to tragic accidents. He is a failure as a father and as a parent. His houses are littered with trash and the danger he has posed to his children has caused the state to see fit to take them away from him and his clueless wife.

Not only that, but as you take time off work to grieve, know that since he can not hold a steady job, the best he can do is to try and bait someone that supports your family into buying an Internet domain named after your daughter.

Feel free to get a lawyer… it won’t be the first time he has heard from one.

He is sitting and sifting through new stories in hopes that he can find ANYTHING that would make someone as miserable as he is this holiday season. I hope and pray you can find comfort in knowing that this guy has nothing… His family wants nothing to do with him. THAT is how much of a failure he is.

So please, be blessed this holiday season. I know it will not help your grief, but please know there are more that support you out in the world than there are the sort like Michael Crook.  You had and continue to have something to lose. He has NOTHING.

Please try your best to enjoy some holiday cheer with those you love. Michael will be going it alone.

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Mr. Crook just wants his privacy…

Posted by josejump on November 18, 2007

Uh, would that be the reason you posted on the Stranger’s forums trying to get people to your blog?

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Yawn, …ok Miguel… Lets look at your post.

Posted by josejump on October 20, 2007

This is like a retarded kid clawing at your leg insisting you look at the mud pie he made in a sandbox full of cat poo.

I told you it was the same garbage… 

The illegal immigrant (racial epithet, You may or may not be surprised that I m not even an immigrant, I was born in this country, Seattle area to be exact.)is at it again, proving his obsession. I don’t get what his issue is. (Oh, I don’t know, maybe I have nothing better to do than to bug you, Or maybe it is that you are so full of crap, that I feel somewhat of a responsibility to inform the folks you troll of exactly who and what you are?)

He calls my comments about the troops “rude”. I think not; it was reality. The only people that got hurt were military widows, so no one important suffered. (Rude comment  about the troops, anyone shocked yet?)The truth hurts: troops aren’t fighting for this country, but to fatten their own bank accounts at our expense. (Uh huh, you sure got me on this one… The troops are just rolling in the money when come back from fighting for our country, of course how would you know, you couldn’t hack it past basic training…)

He calls what I say about Mormons false. Again, it is not so. The Mormon faith originally taught coloreds carried the Mark of Cain, and this cannot be denied. Colored men could not hold the priesthood until 1978, and this too is documented. (Ooh, he is getting creative, he managed to roll racial epithets and Mormon comments all into one. Too bad he has no concept as to what religion in general has to do with anything. I think that is because you have to have a soul to understand God. I don’t believe I ever said that these documented facts were wrong, Just your twisted conclusions.)

The original beliefs regarding the Mark of Cain is what initially attracted me to the church and drove my desire to join when I was 9. ( Great, so you didn’t get it then, and you haven’t matured in your understanding since.)

Then, he whines about my so-called racist remarks. (The whole process includes sobbing openly on my mothers shoulder as she pats my back.) He is biased, being a minority, and he ignores the fact that what I have said about Jews and coloreds is supported by historical documentation. (We can’t miss the Jewish info, right?Documentation by anti-Semites… reliable for sure. So the book on the holocaust will be a bunch of rewritten crap by a moron that took it from another idiot that wrote it in the first place.)

The problem here is that I have addressed ALL of his hateful points, yet he ignores my responses, because he is capable of only hate and cannot debate. (Pretty evident that I am not the one that is scared of addressing facts, in that you consistently do not publish any comments on your blog or edit them to not include facts that would rebut all your garbage. I have not yet been invited to debate anything with Mike. his best shot at a “debate” is to set up a straw man defence, that never works. For example… I list TONS of facts about the guy, and all he can pull out of it is that he wins, because he in fact owns a car.)

He is still welcome to address my responses over the past few days, (There is nothing worth posting, see my post from earlier this morning)but he is too scared. He will instead respond with moral outrage,(Morals, Ironic you should be the one to bring that up.) hateful rhetoric, (the only thing I have disdain for is, well, you, otherwise, I am pretty alright with the world.) and a complete lack of fact and journalistic integrity.(First of all, pretty much all of the facts that we have about you, and the things you have done and said in the past are all backed up and documented. If, by chance my education on the Mormon’s is a little shy, well, give me 30 seconds to read, and I will be further along than you. Just so you know… I am also not a journalist. I also note another wonderful piece or irony in that Crook uses the word “integrity”.)

It’s par for the course with these people, which is why they amuse me so. When they postresearch” they did, and present it as “fact”. (Ok, it is the weekend, I will play a little tonight, and be happy to get some more quotes and sources.  Maybe I will even get a copy of your wiener, since you IM’d that to a guy. Oh, don’t worry, I have a copy of the DMCA notice you sent him since you said he couldn’t use the picture of your genitalia. )Usually, it is so far off-base that it’s nothing short of entertainment and free publicity.

They are too inbred to realize by detracting me, they give me free publicity.(Ohhh, lucky us, two free publicity’s and a inbred  all in a row, I think we may have the list!!!)

Rock on.

Any comments (or response to my points), Jose?

I thought not. ( Hurray!!! I think we have them all!!! Oh wait… he forgot to stalk an underage child and comment about their unfortunate demise and how giddy with excitement he is to troll for angry responses from hurt family members.)

So bottom line is, my post from earlier today stands on it’s own.

Again, as usual, I will not force my conclusions onto any of you, the public.  We are all wrong, and Mikey, the brilliant scholar and moral compass of the 21st century is correct.

Ok, now I am going to go wash my cat and try to get the last 10 minutes of my life back.

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Lets put a few things in persepctive here.

Posted by josejump on October 18, 2007

Just as an update for those passing through. If you managed to stumble on my little corner of the net, let me explain why this site is here…Michael Crook (aptly named) will not allow most people to post in his blog. He edits things to the best of his ability, in an effort to make himself look as good as possible.  Here is a place that you can post your comments regarding his posts without fear of reprisal or editing.  The exception would be Mr. Crook or any of his alter-egos. (there are many….)

Though I ignore his personal jibes toward me, I am happy to address a few things that he has brought up about being a sociopath.  I will take them one by one in the order that he addresses them in his blog.

1.  MC claims he is not “”..someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.” Hogwash!

Actually I am not sure that there is any burden of proof on my part here. He has pretty much dug himself into a hole on this. Look no further than his posts. Do normal people talk like this?  He questions whether his actions have hurt anyone… That is funny. Lets make a list:

a. Insulting service men and women.

b. Keeping his domicile in such poor shape that his child is taken away, and he is forced to move.

c. Trolling for both Men and Women to have relationships with, even while married.

d. Putting up fake Craigslist ads in an attempt to lure men in for both is own pleasure and in an effort to destroy their relationships.

e. Theft of a camera with personal pictures on it.

Shall I go on? Surely his heartless posts about the misfortune of teenagers were meant to bolster the feelings of those people in mourning, right? I think not…

2. He claims he does not lack a sense of personal responsibility and morality. Sure, Mr. Moral compass.

What about:

a. While married to your last wife, who was the mother of the child you walked away from, you were on a Nazi/Skinhead board posting interest in relationships with women. Shall I get the quotes?

b. Let’s roll back to the insults to service men and women. Surely pride in the deaths of others is a wonderful moral standard.

c. Lying… No really, 5 different times you faked your death. Lets see. there was the “beatings” from servicemen that resulted in your death. Then you died again in a trip to the Midwest. Followed by an unfortunate accident the led to your demise as hackers broke into your apartment. Then on a fishing expedition to Alaska, you died again. Then you managed to crawl out of your grave, hop a plane home to NY, and die again in a car accident.

d. taking things that do not belong to you… Including copyrights. That one worked well, didn’t it?

Yup, the picture of morality.

3. Cannot maintain “relationships and have a total lack of remorse for their actions AND may also be very prone to aggressive, hostile, and sometimes violent behavior.” Ahhh, this is a good one.

Well, lets get the list!:

a. At least 2 divorces. Along with claims that you tossed one of your wives down the stairs.

b.   You sound and look so very remorseful!

c. When you claimed to be the one that send the card to Joshua Sparling, an injured soldier in Walter Reed.This card encouraged death in the war, and ended in, “P.S. Die”

d. you were getting owned by the EFF and your “rational response”? “I will go broke ensuring [Jeff Diehl] incurs eternal financial misery for going after me.”

The list continues… it goes on and on.

Did you still think, “None of these things truly apply to me”? I guess the Alcoholic is the last to know, ehe?

Well folks, you can take a look over here.

Some of the links are gone, but the information is still good. (warning for younger folks, probably not kid friendly.)

You can all come to your own conclusions.  I won’t force you into anything…

BTW, as a side-note… he has never offered a debate. In fact, it is for that purpose that this blog was started. When you start poking holes in his arguments (which isn’t a tough job.) the posts start to disappear.

Use Google, it is a wonderful tool. Just look up “Michael Crook” Look at all the info you can find. Imagine all the stuff you can’t find.

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