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2010 and Miguel turns over a new leaf…but not really.

Posted by josejump on July 24, 2010

So here we are, summer of 2010, and after an agonizingly pathetic spring consisting of Mikey stalking and slandering more underage girls, he has joined forces with the equally intelligent Beth Crook.

Now we have NightShadow Productions.  (LLC, would you expect anything less?) That is right, the “leering” security guard has driven Mikey to a job that takes him back to the office. (His office is a local UPS store, that is right, same as before.)

Lucky for us, he has turned from his old ways and now had generally migrated to attacking people  and calling them dirty jews.  Thankfully he is turning over a new leaf.

Lucky for Galloway, Mikey is now contributing to the fine city and has positions in his company open.  That is right, there is all sorts of money to go around in the Crook household, as Beth is now working in indentured servitude trying to buy her freedom from her captor.  You too can join this merry band, IF… you have never collected unemployment.

Why, you ask, would anyone in his right mind be so foolish? The answer is, that he is not in his right mind. Now Mikey wants to milk the corporate world for attention. The college level shenanigans weren’t enough for him.

Look folks, if you feel the urge to allow this fool access to our generations most essential source for world interaction, you go right ahead. You should also know that you will run the risk of people finding out that you are using Crook’s facade of a company, and that association could cost you dearly.

No, I am not talking boycott, I am talking abou thte fact that you have a huge douchebag troll in control of things you may deem essential to the running of your business.

Yeah, so Mikey is a fancy business owner. One that is STILL after all these years, one of the finest examples of a complete failure that could be known.

Regardless of what he says, he is still the same old douche bag and sociopath.

I appreciate you, the readers, for coming by and sharing the news of this clown. 

Although I don’t get the chance to update this site as often as I would like, the conversation is still alive here…

Go ahead, register, and join the fun.

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