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Mikey is sorry….

Posted by josejump on December 7, 2007

Here are a few direct quotes from his blog. (since a DMCA notice was sent to wordpress because he doesn’t like folks outing him. EFF will get a copy, don’t worry.)

“For the first time in ages, I feel horrible.”

Losing his kid because of his own malfeasance never made him feel bad… figures

 “Watching the “Today” show … is somewhat hard to take.”

Why, because it is a daily reminder that you can’t hold down a full time job?

He goes on about how Hearing the Mangers from teh mall being choked up”touches me.”

Who were you touching, that is what we want to know…

“I feel horrible about the jokes I’ve made about the victim side of the story, and I apologize for that.”

What? What’s that? Oh… I thought for a second you were serious.

He hoots some more about the shooters friends trying to explain this psycho’s issues, saying the comments were “ill-timed.” but hops right back on the Crook bandwagon insulting fast food workers.

Michael knows…  his whole life was ill-timed, and he will never get above the level of fast food worker.

“This season will forever be marred for the employees’ families who lost someone in this shooting, and to them, again I apologize.”

Wow, that has a more hollow sound than his bank account.

Here is the direct translation.

Someone has been calling me, probably a lawyer and now I am freaked out that I might get in trouble. I will apologize, insincerely, so that I can try and get out of some trouble that I am in for all the things I write. In all reality I am too dumb to know when enough is enough.

By the way, I found half a pill behind the toilet in my Motel room.

If you change your mind over his faux change of heart… you would be mistaken. He did the same thing with a teen drunk driver he was stalking.. that was an on again, off again apology.

His words are as hollow as his head. He also apologized to vet’s who he had hurt with his words, and then just plugged along doing the same thing afterward. He is a callous, cold, little man. I wouldn’t count on any amount of sincerity out of this guy… Can you really trust a guy that lies more than a lawyer?

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