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2010 and Miguel turns over a new leaf…but not really.

Posted by josejump on July 24, 2010

So here we are, summer of 2010, and after an agonizingly pathetic spring consisting of Mikey stalking and slandering more underage girls, he has joined forces with the equally intelligent Beth Crook.

Now we have NightShadow Productions.  (LLC, would you expect anything less?) That is right, the “leering” security guard has driven Mikey to a job that takes him back to the office. (His office is a local UPS store, that is right, same as before.)

Lucky for us, he has turned from his old ways and now had generally migrated to attacking people  and calling them dirty jews.  Thankfully he is turning over a new leaf.

Lucky for Galloway, Mikey is now contributing to the fine city and has positions in his company open.  That is right, there is all sorts of money to go around in the Crook household, as Beth is now working in indentured servitude trying to buy her freedom from her captor.  You too can join this merry band, IF… you have never collected unemployment.

Why, you ask, would anyone in his right mind be so foolish? The answer is, that he is not in his right mind. Now Mikey wants to milk the corporate world for attention. The college level shenanigans weren’t enough for him.

Look folks, if you feel the urge to allow this fool access to our generations most essential source for world interaction, you go right ahead. You should also know that you will run the risk of people finding out that you are using Crook’s facade of a company, and that association could cost you dearly.

No, I am not talking boycott, I am talking abou thte fact that you have a huge douchebag troll in control of things you may deem essential to the running of your business.

Yeah, so Mikey is a fancy business owner. One that is STILL after all these years, one of the finest examples of a complete failure that could be known.

Regardless of what he says, he is still the same old douche bag and sociopath.

I appreciate you, the readers, for coming by and sharing the news of this clown. 

Although I don’t get the chance to update this site as often as I would like, the conversation is still alive here…

Go ahead, register, and join the fun.

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Mikey update…

Posted by josejump on May 17, 2008

I figure it is about time to update those of you who read this blog to find out the truth about Mikey.

First of all, I appreciate all of you who come to this blog… I am flattered by the hundreds of visits that this little blog gets every day. It isn’t like it is easy to find either. I don’t have all sorts of meta tags and stuff attached to try and troll for attention. This blog just sits quietly as a testament of sorts to the BS that Crook shares with the world.

The reality of it is, that Mikey doesn’t change his method much… Same Crap, different day. But for those of you who may not know much about this idiot’s history… read over past posts, and here are some recent updates.

1. Mikey is now gay… He was gay once before, but evidently it didn’t take.

2. His is separated from his wife.

3. He is battling the police in the Jersey area.

Now for the truth…

1. Mikey is in fact not gay. He is so NOT gay, that he actually has trolled for female companionship in white supremacist websites in the past. (while married to his current wife.) He has also send naked pictures of himself to girls that he has chatted with on the Internet. (While still married to his current wife.) He is also infatuated with underage girls… He finds ones that he thinks are cute and then he fantasizes about them until they come of age. Then… while still married to his current wife, he talks about how he would like to bed them all.

2. Mikey is not separated from his wife. In fact, he himself confirms this as he bellyaches about the police and their treatment of him. They are still very much married. (though I have no idea why.) In his claim to the police where he is desperately trying to get some money, he says that his wife was in the car with him, he also mentions that he sends her off to get bail money.

Now you would think, that after this idiot gets you kicked out of one place because it is so unsanitary, and since he was at least half at fault for you losing your child, and since he is stuck working as a day laborer, that you would leave for greener pastures. Especially if said husband was gay. He was supposed to be gay months ago. He had had a little roll in the hay with a coworker and they were no longer together. Oopsie Mike, you forgot to cover those tracks.

3. Mikey is seeking attention from the police in the Jersey area. His claim will be tossed out. His extenuating circumstances for not getting the claim in on time? He has been moving from motel room to motel room… He won’t get squat.

The whole “I know I broke the law with my busted ass car, but I called in a bad driver so I should be left alone” story is pathetic and smacks of a complete lack of understanding of Tort law. Something tells me that genius read a book on tort law and decided to see if he could get something out of it. His complete lack of understanding of the law, and his feeble attempts of intimidation have not gotten him too far. They in fact have gotten him in trouble with the law… expect more of the same.

So folks, that is the latest.  All the other stuff is just fluff… Filler for the days he is stuck in jail until 3 am and because it would be too dangerous to work the next day and make minimum wage in his day labor job, he is at home picking the stories off the Internet that he thinks will get him the maximum amount of exposure.

He may think he is smart because of the amount of time he spends at the library, but the reality is that he isn’t reading books, he is using the computers to update his blog. He is THAT pathetic.

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Don’t believe it for a second!

Posted by josejump on February 20, 2008

Yes, the troll is still out trolling.

When you read his posts consider a few things…

1. His picture. Do you honestly think that he could get a girlfriend? (seriously… that is one ugly bastard.. if you go for someone like him, what does that say about you?)

2. Do you honestly think that said girlfriend’s mother would text message him AFTER the breakup? (she would be jumping for joy!)

3. Do you really think that he can afford an apartment? ( He has been moved out from all his other apartments… he just can’t hack it.)

4. Amazing sex? (well, let’s just say… that we have all seen the 2 pictures he has sent people of his wee-wee. Yes folks, that is right, he has actually sent people a picture of his junk.  In one case he swore it was not him, until he sent a DMCA notice and forced the person to take it down.)

5. WaWa… what, are you dumpster diving?

Folks, you can pretty much read everything that this guys says and ignore it. Facts have no place in his writing, neither does reality. He is a complete failure.

Here is an example of how much a failure he is… The Crook message boards, where we all chat about mikey and other various stuff has a member… her name is Theresa. Strangely this is the same name is his ex-wife, and in fact she claimed to be. Well, unfortunately for “Theresa” we have some pretty handy contacts. From day one we knew it was Crook.  Still he tried to pretend that he was his ex-wife and in fact tried to pretend that he/she wanted to get back with him… Oops. Mikey made a boo boo.

The great part is that people we know get to look at the private forums, where we get to discuss things quite free of DMCA notices, and one pathetic attempt at a Cease and Desist (which was handily ignored by the admin, because they took two seconds to read about what a douche is…) that went immediately to the EFF. We also ge to visit quite open with each other about who we are and what we are all about, knowing that Mikey SUCKS at trying to figure out who we all are.  IN fact we have some other visitors in there, that know him rather well. Folks, there is not much that he does that is notable, and there is not much notable that we don’t know about.

 This guy is a fraud and a liar. Take a look around the blog and get a sense of the REAL Michael Crook. Racist, Homo, Ex-mormon, jailbird, homeless joke, and all around failure.

Oh don’t you worry… he is harmless. He won;t show for his “protests” either.  He can’t even leave his place a residence… a place he pays for by the week.  Hell, he barely holds a job long enough for him to pay the rental fee on his computer equipment.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Mikey is sorry….

Posted by josejump on December 7, 2007

Here are a few direct quotes from his blog. (since a DMCA notice was sent to wordpress because he doesn’t like folks outing him. EFF will get a copy, don’t worry.)

“For the first time in ages, I feel horrible.”

Losing his kid because of his own malfeasance never made him feel bad… figures

 “Watching the “Today” show … is somewhat hard to take.”

Why, because it is a daily reminder that you can’t hold down a full time job?

He goes on about how Hearing the Mangers from teh mall being choked up”touches me.”

Who were you touching, that is what we want to know…

“I feel horrible about the jokes I’ve made about the victim side of the story, and I apologize for that.”

What? What’s that? Oh… I thought for a second you were serious.

He hoots some more about the shooters friends trying to explain this psycho’s issues, saying the comments were “ill-timed.” but hops right back on the Crook bandwagon insulting fast food workers.

Michael knows…  his whole life was ill-timed, and he will never get above the level of fast food worker.

“This season will forever be marred for the employees’ families who lost someone in this shooting, and to them, again I apologize.”

Wow, that has a more hollow sound than his bank account.

Here is the direct translation.

Someone has been calling me, probably a lawyer and now I am freaked out that I might get in trouble. I will apologize, insincerely, so that I can try and get out of some trouble that I am in for all the things I write. In all reality I am too dumb to know when enough is enough.

By the way, I found half a pill behind the toilet in my Motel room.

If you change your mind over his faux change of heart… you would be mistaken. He did the same thing with a teen drunk driver he was stalking.. that was an on again, off again apology.

His words are as hollow as his head. He also apologized to vet’s who he had hurt with his words, and then just plugged along doing the same thing afterward. He is a callous, cold, little man. I wouldn’t count on any amount of sincerity out of this guy… Can you really trust a guy that lies more than a lawyer?

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Where’s the Beef?

Posted by josejump on October 23, 2007

Anyone else find it interesting that Michael offers a debate, the offer is accepted, then the posts regarding both mysteriously disappear?

I don’t.

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S.S.D.D… Same Stuff, Different Day…

Posted by josejump on October 20, 2007

My impersonation of Mikey….

Blah, blah, blah, (insert racial epithet here.) Blah, blah blah, (insert comment about detractors and do not back it up with evidence here.) Blah, blah, blah, (insert comment about unfortunate death here.) Blah, blah, blah, (insert rude comment about troops here.) Blah, blah, blah, (insert anti-Semitic comment here.) Blah, blah, blah, (insert lie about Mormons here.)

Blah, blah, blah, (insert attention whoring phrase about gaining publicity here.) I WON, I WON!

Got anything original that we haven’t heard yet Michael?

My response to his blathering today? Well, it is draw your own conclusion day… I think his posts pretty much speak for his lunacy by themselves.

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