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Don’t believe it for a second!

Posted by josejump on February 20, 2008

Yes, the troll is still out trolling.

When you read his posts consider a few things…

1. His picture. Do you honestly think that he could get a girlfriend? (seriously… that is one ugly bastard.. if you go for someone like him, what does that say about you?)

2. Do you honestly think that said girlfriend’s mother would text message him AFTER the breakup? (she would be jumping for joy!)

3. Do you really think that he can afford an apartment? ( He has been moved out from all his other apartments… he just can’t hack it.)

4. Amazing sex? (well, let’s just say… that we have all seen the 2 pictures he has sent people of his wee-wee. Yes folks, that is right, he has actually sent people a picture of his junk.  In one case he swore it was not him, until he sent a DMCA notice and forced the person to take it down.)

5. WaWa… what, are you dumpster diving?

Folks, you can pretty much read everything that this guys says and ignore it. Facts have no place in his writing, neither does reality. He is a complete failure.

Here is an example of how much a failure he is… The Crook message boards, where we all chat about mikey and other various stuff has a member… her name is Theresa. Strangely this is the same name is his ex-wife, and in fact she claimed to be. Well, unfortunately for “Theresa” we have some pretty handy contacts. From day one we knew it was Crook.  Still he tried to pretend that he was his ex-wife and in fact tried to pretend that he/she wanted to get back with him… Oops. Mikey made a boo boo.

The great part is that people we know get to look at the private forums, where we get to discuss things quite free of DMCA notices, and one pathetic attempt at a Cease and Desist (which was handily ignored by the admin, because they took two seconds to read about what a douche is…) that went immediately to the EFF. We also ge to visit quite open with each other about who we are and what we are all about, knowing that Mikey SUCKS at trying to figure out who we all are.  IN fact we have some other visitors in there, that know him rather well. Folks, there is not much that he does that is notable, and there is not much notable that we don’t know about.

 This guy is a fraud and a liar. Take a look around the blog and get a sense of the REAL Michael Crook. Racist, Homo, Ex-mormon, jailbird, homeless joke, and all around failure.

Oh don’t you worry… he is harmless. He won;t show for his “protests” either.  He can’t even leave his place a residence… a place he pays for by the week.  Hell, he barely holds a job long enough for him to pay the rental fee on his computer equipment.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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