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Coal for Crook.

Posted by josejump on December 21, 2007

Mikey has no money for Christmas, and the local Charities have gone broke trying to feed his wife… So…. Here we go with the same old, same old…

It is his typical “find a tragedy and use it to get attention” shtick. At this point it is old hat. All except the exciting new twist,(that I reported to the attorney general in his state.) Michael is now the perpetrator of “cybersquatting”. Look it up Michael.

He is blathering on to try and get readers to come see his trash about Nataline Sarkisyan. This poor girl who’s family is forced to experience a tragedy this holiday with the death of their daughter.

I feel for this family, and I would like to offer my condolences and my deepest sympathies. The monster that is trying to use your daughters death as a platform for desperate attention is well profiled, and you should know that you are a successful and blessed family. I am sorry for your tragic loss, and if it makes you feel any better, you can read in this blog about some of the traits that make this guy, that is attacking the memory of your daughter.

He is a complete failure, and know that though you may have lost your daughter this holiday…. He has lost all of his kids, and not to tragic accidents. He is a failure as a father and as a parent. His houses are littered with trash and the danger he has posed to his children has caused the state to see fit to take them away from him and his clueless wife.

Not only that, but as you take time off work to grieve, know that since he can not hold a steady job, the best he can do is to try and bait someone that supports your family into buying an Internet domain named after your daughter.

Feel free to get a lawyer… it won’t be the first time he has heard from one.

He is sitting and sifting through new stories in hopes that he can find ANYTHING that would make someone as miserable as he is this holiday season. I hope and pray you can find comfort in knowing that this guy has nothing… His family wants nothing to do with him. THAT is how much of a failure he is.

So please, be blessed this holiday season. I know it will not help your grief, but please know there are more that support you out in the world than there are the sort like Michael Crook.  You had and continue to have something to lose. He has NOTHING.

Please try your best to enjoy some holiday cheer with those you love. Michael will be going it alone.

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