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2010 and Miguel turns over a new leaf…but not really.

Posted by josejump on July 24, 2010

So here we are, summer of 2010, and after an agonizingly pathetic spring consisting of Mikey stalking and slandering more underage girls, he has joined forces with the equally intelligent Beth Crook.

Now we have NightShadow Productions.  (LLC, would you expect anything less?) That is right, the “leering” security guard has driven Mikey to a job that takes him back to the office. (His office is a local UPS store, that is right, same as before.)

Lucky for us, he has turned from his old ways and now had generally migrated to attacking people  and calling them dirty jews.  Thankfully he is turning over a new leaf.

Lucky for Galloway, Mikey is now contributing to the fine city and has positions in his company open.  That is right, there is all sorts of money to go around in the Crook household, as Beth is now working in indentured servitude trying to buy her freedom from her captor.  You too can join this merry band, IF… you have never collected unemployment.

Why, you ask, would anyone in his right mind be so foolish? The answer is, that he is not in his right mind. Now Mikey wants to milk the corporate world for attention. The college level shenanigans weren’t enough for him.

Look folks, if you feel the urge to allow this fool access to our generations most essential source for world interaction, you go right ahead. You should also know that you will run the risk of people finding out that you are using Crook’s facade of a company, and that association could cost you dearly.

No, I am not talking boycott, I am talking abou thte fact that you have a huge douchebag troll in control of things you may deem essential to the running of your business.

Yeah, so Mikey is a fancy business owner. One that is STILL after all these years, one of the finest examples of a complete failure that could be known.

Regardless of what he says, he is still the same old douche bag and sociopath.

I appreciate you, the readers, for coming by and sharing the news of this clown. 

Although I don’t get the chance to update this site as often as I would like, the conversation is still alive here…

Go ahead, register, and join the fun.

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Two Years Later…

Posted by josejump on April 4, 2010

I have a life. I have a Job. I also have a family… which is more than I can say for Mikey.  Beth is still with him, heaven knows why… You know the wierd thing is, that two years later, I could look at these posts, and I could have written them yesterday.

Mikey is old hat… He is a one trick pony. The same recycled crop is still happening all these years later. What has it been, 5 years now Mikey?

Still lives in a Hotel, Still is unemployable for more than a few weeks at a time. Sill trying to ride the lawsuit train, only he is so pathetically broke, he is his own sad excuse for a lawyer.

No really, there is nothing different. I don’t even have to read his blog to tell you what is on it. Something about someone from his highschool that died, or something about a cop that died. I would be willing to bet you will read some drivel about some underage kid (most likely a girl) that died in some sort of accident.

You will also most likely see something about “colored” people or jews.  Blah, blah, blah…

Seriously, this is all this idiot is good for. Yeah, there were the pathetic attemts at lawsuits, the occasional “hanging up the hat” so to speak… but it never lasts. The guy is quite simply a moron.

Yes folks, even two years later, there is nothing to see here. 

Even with the short update, I would like to let you all know, that the energy you are spending to be angry at this guy would be better spent supporting those who he tries furiously to offend. This Fred Phelps wanna be is nothing to be intimidated by. Nor is he worth the breath it takes to curse his ironic name.

Hi Mikey… Keep that travellodge clean and you might get some more of those free little soaps.

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Mikey update…

Posted by josejump on May 17, 2008

I figure it is about time to update those of you who read this blog to find out the truth about Mikey.

First of all, I appreciate all of you who come to this blog… I am flattered by the hundreds of visits that this little blog gets every day. It isn’t like it is easy to find either. I don’t have all sorts of meta tags and stuff attached to try and troll for attention. This blog just sits quietly as a testament of sorts to the BS that Crook shares with the world.

The reality of it is, that Mikey doesn’t change his method much… Same Crap, different day. But for those of you who may not know much about this idiot’s history… read over past posts, and here are some recent updates.

1. Mikey is now gay… He was gay once before, but evidently it didn’t take.

2. His is separated from his wife.

3. He is battling the police in the Jersey area.

Now for the truth…

1. Mikey is in fact not gay. He is so NOT gay, that he actually has trolled for female companionship in white supremacist websites in the past. (while married to his current wife.) He has also send naked pictures of himself to girls that he has chatted with on the Internet. (While still married to his current wife.) He is also infatuated with underage girls… He finds ones that he thinks are cute and then he fantasizes about them until they come of age. Then… while still married to his current wife, he talks about how he would like to bed them all.

2. Mikey is not separated from his wife. In fact, he himself confirms this as he bellyaches about the police and their treatment of him. They are still very much married. (though I have no idea why.) In his claim to the police where he is desperately trying to get some money, he says that his wife was in the car with him, he also mentions that he sends her off to get bail money.

Now you would think, that after this idiot gets you kicked out of one place because it is so unsanitary, and since he was at least half at fault for you losing your child, and since he is stuck working as a day laborer, that you would leave for greener pastures. Especially if said husband was gay. He was supposed to be gay months ago. He had had a little roll in the hay with a coworker and they were no longer together. Oopsie Mike, you forgot to cover those tracks.

3. Mikey is seeking attention from the police in the Jersey area. His claim will be tossed out. His extenuating circumstances for not getting the claim in on time? He has been moving from motel room to motel room… He won’t get squat.

The whole “I know I broke the law with my busted ass car, but I called in a bad driver so I should be left alone” story is pathetic and smacks of a complete lack of understanding of Tort law. Something tells me that genius read a book on tort law and decided to see if he could get something out of it. His complete lack of understanding of the law, and his feeble attempts of intimidation have not gotten him too far. They in fact have gotten him in trouble with the law… expect more of the same.

So folks, that is the latest.  All the other stuff is just fluff… Filler for the days he is stuck in jail until 3 am and because it would be too dangerous to work the next day and make minimum wage in his day labor job, he is at home picking the stories off the Internet that he thinks will get him the maximum amount of exposure.

He may think he is smart because of the amount of time he spends at the library, but the reality is that he isn’t reading books, he is using the computers to update his blog. He is THAT pathetic.

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Don’t believe it for a second!

Posted by josejump on February 20, 2008

Yes, the troll is still out trolling.

When you read his posts consider a few things…

1. His picture. Do you honestly think that he could get a girlfriend? (seriously… that is one ugly bastard.. if you go for someone like him, what does that say about you?)

2. Do you honestly think that said girlfriend’s mother would text message him AFTER the breakup? (she would be jumping for joy!)

3. Do you really think that he can afford an apartment? ( He has been moved out from all his other apartments… he just can’t hack it.)

4. Amazing sex? (well, let’s just say… that we have all seen the 2 pictures he has sent people of his wee-wee. Yes folks, that is right, he has actually sent people a picture of his junk.  In one case he swore it was not him, until he sent a DMCA notice and forced the person to take it down.)

5. WaWa… what, are you dumpster diving?

Folks, you can pretty much read everything that this guys says and ignore it. Facts have no place in his writing, neither does reality. He is a complete failure.

Here is an example of how much a failure he is… The Crook message boards, where we all chat about mikey and other various stuff has a member… her name is Theresa. Strangely this is the same name is his ex-wife, and in fact she claimed to be. Well, unfortunately for “Theresa” we have some pretty handy contacts. From day one we knew it was Crook.  Still he tried to pretend that he was his ex-wife and in fact tried to pretend that he/she wanted to get back with him… Oops. Mikey made a boo boo.

The great part is that people we know get to look at the private forums, where we get to discuss things quite free of DMCA notices, and one pathetic attempt at a Cease and Desist (which was handily ignored by the admin, because they took two seconds to read about what a douche is…) that went immediately to the EFF. We also ge to visit quite open with each other about who we are and what we are all about, knowing that Mikey SUCKS at trying to figure out who we all are.  IN fact we have some other visitors in there, that know him rather well. Folks, there is not much that he does that is notable, and there is not much notable that we don’t know about.

 This guy is a fraud and a liar. Take a look around the blog and get a sense of the REAL Michael Crook. Racist, Homo, Ex-mormon, jailbird, homeless joke, and all around failure.

Oh don’t you worry… he is harmless. He won;t show for his “protests” either.  He can’t even leave his place a residence… a place he pays for by the week.  Hell, he barely holds a job long enough for him to pay the rental fee on his computer equipment.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Michael Crook and his “Douchebaggery”

Posted by josejump on January 28, 2008

I don;t have the time these days to devote to this scumbag. Mainly because it is the same stuff every time.

He is the ambulance chaser of the blogging community. He is an even gayer Perez Hilton, with even less class and intelligence.

At least there are folks that like Perez Hilton, and Perez Hilton actually wins lawsuits.

So now, just like normal, he picks a horrible tragedy, and exploits it for attention.

 Well folks, just in case you, one of the hundreds that actually visits my blog daily is wondering… If you are new and haven’t heard about Michael Crook… take some time to read. He is a fraud, a liar, and a complete loser.

The best he can do in life is to get negative attention, since he does not have the capacity for contributing in a positive manor to the world.

I have been to Ocala. In fact it is one of the nicest places I have been. The rolling little hills and horse farms. I think it is easily one of the best parts of the state.  I feel for your loss. It sucks to lose anyone. Especially in an unfortunate manner.

Don’t pay attention to this loser. The only reason he has traveled is out of necessity. He has been ran out of town on a rail, forced out because of non payment, and even moved on because he is so disgusting, that the health department would not allow him to remain in the apartment. He is a first class loser.

 While you are deciding to how much attention to give this horses ass, take a look around here and learn a little more about his failures in life.

He is pathetic, and is just bitter because he has had all his kids taken away from him.

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Crook-ed Paths

Posted by josejump on January 11, 2008

I have a life. I earned my life. I have built my life from growing up poorer than Crook into a very successful and bright carrer and future.

That, along with being a successful father is taking up much of my time.

Don’t get me wrong. This is no “farewell message”. I am not going anywhere. I just figured that this would be a good chance for me to inform you all of my newest addition. The Crook Forums.

They will be uncensored and a place where you can all meet and discuss topics of the day. Mainly how opposite of my life Crook’s is.

Welcome one and all to

I welcome you all to post opinions, troll, or otherwise discuss whatever you feel .

As for the blog… it remains. It will stay as a place for people to get to be informed about this half-wit.

Happy New Year.

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Crook Deconstructed…

Posted by josejump on December 27, 2007

Well folks.. it is almost the new year… and we now know a whole lot of things.

1. Michael can’t read.

2. Michael is a bad liar.

3. Michael has the IQ of a garden salad.

4. Michael does in fact work for temp agencies, because he can;t hold down a regular job.

OH the list goes on and on… here is to another year of his pitiful stupidity…

For a full deconstruction of Michael’s year in review, feel free to log into Emily’s Rant, where we deconstruct Michael’s year end achievement piece by piece, word by word, in the safety of privacy where he can not DMCA everyone…

God bless you all, and have a Happy New Year.

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Coal for Crook.

Posted by josejump on December 21, 2007

Mikey has no money for Christmas, and the local Charities have gone broke trying to feed his wife… So…. Here we go with the same old, same old…

It is his typical “find a tragedy and use it to get attention” shtick. At this point it is old hat. All except the exciting new twist,(that I reported to the attorney general in his state.) Michael is now the perpetrator of “cybersquatting”. Look it up Michael.

He is blathering on to try and get readers to come see his trash about Nataline Sarkisyan. This poor girl who’s family is forced to experience a tragedy this holiday with the death of their daughter.

I feel for this family, and I would like to offer my condolences and my deepest sympathies. The monster that is trying to use your daughters death as a platform for desperate attention is well profiled, and you should know that you are a successful and blessed family. I am sorry for your tragic loss, and if it makes you feel any better, you can read in this blog about some of the traits that make this guy, that is attacking the memory of your daughter.

He is a complete failure, and know that though you may have lost your daughter this holiday…. He has lost all of his kids, and not to tragic accidents. He is a failure as a father and as a parent. His houses are littered with trash and the danger he has posed to his children has caused the state to see fit to take them away from him and his clueless wife.

Not only that, but as you take time off work to grieve, know that since he can not hold a steady job, the best he can do is to try and bait someone that supports your family into buying an Internet domain named after your daughter.

Feel free to get a lawyer… it won’t be the first time he has heard from one.

He is sitting and sifting through new stories in hopes that he can find ANYTHING that would make someone as miserable as he is this holiday season. I hope and pray you can find comfort in knowing that this guy has nothing… His family wants nothing to do with him. THAT is how much of a failure he is.

So please, be blessed this holiday season. I know it will not help your grief, but please know there are more that support you out in the world than there are the sort like Michael Crook.  You had and continue to have something to lose. He has NOTHING.

Please try your best to enjoy some holiday cheer with those you love. Michael will be going it alone.

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Give a Bum a Home…

Posted by josejump on December 16, 2007

You know… I have been thinking… I bet Mikey is lonely.

Stuck in that week to week housing with his wife, and not having gainful employment must have him in a tizzy.

Well, since you would have to contact Richard Simmons and have him cut the wall out of the room to get his wife out… I figured maybe we could all pitch in and get Mikey a bus ticket home to see Momma Mavis.

He doesn’t mind moving around… just look at some of the places he has been. He has used addresses in Idaho Falls, ID, Pocatello, ID,  Hopkins, MN,  Atlantic City, NJ, Hammonton, NJ, Mays Landing, NJ, Ocean City, NJ, Dayton, OH, Syracuse, NY, Liverpool, NY… and that isn’t even all of them. Talk about stable.

But Mom… Oh she has settled down.

She has a nice place next to the Ford plant…  you aught to take a look.

Mavis Eggenberger/Delaney hasn’t seen her son in ages… She may miss him if she hasn’t disowned him.

Lets all pitch in and get his wife a few weeks worth of little debbie snack cakes, so she can survive for a few days while he is gone, and then we can all try and scrape up the money to get him to Momma’s house.  It’s not like he is going to miss work by going for a Christmas visit.

 I mean we know Momma and Son are close.. remember she was on his forums. She actively wrote in support of her son. She has to want to talk to him… C’mon, take a wander over to the Northgate Mobile estates, and see how the Matriarch of the family lives… And maybe, just maybe we can make life a little bit happier for the both of them.

Donations will be accepted via paypal and if we don’t manage to put enough money together for the bus ticket… the actual money raised will go to support that free drug charity…(once I start it)

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The Irony of Charity…

Posted by josejump on December 15, 2007

Here are some interesting quotes to consider…

1. “I have walked passed homeless bums, Salvation Army bell ringers, and other lower forms of life, because they are not worthy of being pissed upon, much less worthy of getting a handout.”

This is because Michael Crook lives with homeless bums, gets things from the Salvation Army, and doesn’t have a proverbial “pot to piss in” himself.

2. “You mean people don’t donate out of the goodness of their hearts? People attack me because I have nevermade a donation in my life. Not once. Never will, either. Yet these same people make donations, but happily accept that receipt so they can not only take credit for the donation, but reap a reward in the form of a tax deduction. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but these people cannot then tout their supposed heroism. ”

Michael has never made a donation in his life, because he has never had any money. However, he was happy to try (when he was in the Mormon church) to get into their welfare system. The patience finally ran out for them when he wasn’t willing to make an effort himself, to get off the “dole.”

 One might also note the irony in him also trying to get a house from habitat for humanity, and for taking part in housing programs that cater to folks that are below the poverty line (Yes Mikey, I have friends all over.)

He needs no tax deductions because he pays virtually no taxes, and since he makes so little, he gets it all back.

If you choose to make a donation in his name this season, see if there is a prescription drug program that gives free meds to sociopaths, and give it to them… not in his name, but with his hotel room on it…

God Bless us, every one…

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I’m Flattered, really I am…

Posted by josejump on December 10, 2007

First of all Mikey, I am flattered that you would read my blog.

Second of all, I appreciate the DMCA notice… now I feel complete… it actually cements my Theory into fact, that he is a one trick pony… squalks about innocent people and tries to exploit the emotions of their family, and then when the going gets tough… out come the DMCA notices.

Seriously, this guy is amazing! How do you do it.. wake up at what, 10 or 11 am, roll over and ask your wife to move because she is blocking the light from the Motel window… get up, hop on your rentway computer and look at all the comments that people have left you. Delete them, then write some supporting ones for yourself.

Then what… revise your sorry book…again?

Surf the net looking for tragic stories… write about them, hoping to get someone upset… then take a break to worship at the porcelain throne where you pay homage to Fred Phelps, the only person that is as daft as you, only he is infinitely better, because he actually shows up.

Then you check the blogs that have exposed you again and again… Well, I am honored. You are one of the HUNDREDS of people that visit my blog each day. One of the hundreds that know what a fraud, and a coward you are.

You join the ranks of the daily HUNDREDS that now know how you faked deaths, faked adresses, and faked fatherhood. Sillygoose must sure love you and how smart you are… what a woman to follow you around, even after you tried to cheat on her. Even after you (and I love this part) send a DMCA take-down notice for a picture of your penis that you sent to someone in an IM chat…. THAT was AWESOME!!!

Thanks again for visiting my humble blog… I am honored that you would think so much of my writing that you would send me a notice… I was wondering when one of those would show up.

In honor of your daily visits, I would like to share with the world, your ode to the mall workers.

“The lost revenue during this season is one thing to consider. Also, does the store want its employees deaths to be for naught? They didn’t ask or deserve to die, but they died doing what retail employees do: providing customer service to ungrateful, arrogant, ill-bred customers.” 

Hopefully that temp job holds out long enough for you to make the room payment just in time for Christmas…

(Quote used without permission from Michael Scott Crook Vogel Delaney.)

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Mikey is sorry….

Posted by josejump on December 7, 2007

Here are a few direct quotes from his blog. (since a DMCA notice was sent to wordpress because he doesn’t like folks outing him. EFF will get a copy, don’t worry.)

“For the first time in ages, I feel horrible.”

Losing his kid because of his own malfeasance never made him feel bad… figures

 “Watching the “Today” show … is somewhat hard to take.”

Why, because it is a daily reminder that you can’t hold down a full time job?

He goes on about how Hearing the Mangers from teh mall being choked up”touches me.”

Who were you touching, that is what we want to know…

“I feel horrible about the jokes I’ve made about the victim side of the story, and I apologize for that.”

What? What’s that? Oh… I thought for a second you were serious.

He hoots some more about the shooters friends trying to explain this psycho’s issues, saying the comments were “ill-timed.” but hops right back on the Crook bandwagon insulting fast food workers.

Michael knows…  his whole life was ill-timed, and he will never get above the level of fast food worker.

“This season will forever be marred for the employees’ families who lost someone in this shooting, and to them, again I apologize.”

Wow, that has a more hollow sound than his bank account.

Here is the direct translation.

Someone has been calling me, probably a lawyer and now I am freaked out that I might get in trouble. I will apologize, insincerely, so that I can try and get out of some trouble that I am in for all the things I write. In all reality I am too dumb to know when enough is enough.

By the way, I found half a pill behind the toilet in my Motel room.

If you change your mind over his faux change of heart… you would be mistaken. He did the same thing with a teen drunk driver he was stalking.. that was an on again, off again apology.

His words are as hollow as his head. He also apologized to vet’s who he had hurt with his words, and then just plugged along doing the same thing afterward. He is a callous, cold, little man. I wouldn’t count on any amount of sincerity out of this guy… Can you really trust a guy that lies more than a lawyer?

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Michael “Fred Phelps” Crook.

Posted by josejump on December 2, 2007

Now that tard boy is on the hunt for more attention, (the problem being, you can’t get medical benefits when you do temp work once a month, so his meds are out, and he is too broke to buy more,) he is stalking the net for girls he could NEVER get.

Come on, you have seen the pictures and the interviews. What girl in he right mind would touch that guy with a ten foot pole except to beat him over the head? Can you imagine that nasally voice trying to whisper sweet nothings into your ear? It is about as appealing as Charlie Brown’s school teacher.

You would have to have beer goggles to the point of Alcohol poisoning to consider taking that guy home. The greasy hair, sunken eyes, and yes you would have to take him home, as I am not sure there is enough room in the hotel room his wife and him struggle to rent by the week for all three of you.

Yes, he is THAT desperate for attention. Make no mistake. That is the only reason he writes any of this about anyone. He has a documented history of stalking underage girls, trolling for dates while he is married, and playing the attention whore card.

Look folks, all the people out here in normal land offer our deepest condolences. We have friends and Children. These are things that have been all taken away form Michael Crook, more than once. The only thing he has to cling to, is a hope that someday, someone will buy one of his books.

Unfortunately while you struggle with your loss, he will print something vile about it, and revel in your pain as you try to find some comfort. You have lost plenty; friends and family members. He has literally NOTHING to lose.  The clothes on his back, and whatever Charitable donations he might receive, as his worldly possessions…(boxes of old newspapers and his feces collection) have all been sold off or dumped in a dumpster. That is why he is so desperate to sell his book. He needs money, and some self satisfaction…something he has no capacity to get from any of his accomplishments, as he is a complete failure. No more kids, the court has seen fit to relieve him of that duty, on more than one account. So you will tell him that he has more than one child, and all he will say is no… which technically is true, because legally, he is not that father of any of them.

He will play games all day, but once you figure him out, as most of us have… It is just old hat. You tell me if you should even be concerned about a guy who hasn’t help a permanent job in ages, who had a marriage that lasted about 6 months and ended when his wife beat the crap out of him. Lost kids because he is such a failure as a parent, and has been moved out of more homes and apartments than I can count. (He has even had the the health department force him out because he lived in so much squalor. )

The question is, do you REALLY want to let yourself be effected by this troll? He is a nothing, that will say ANYTHING to make you think he is SOMETHING…which he is not.

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Inconvenient lie…

Posted by josejump on November 28, 2007

Yeah, sorry man. you should have known Mikey would never meet with you. He says he wouldn’t come alone, but the bigger question is, who would come with him? his halfwit cow of a wife?

 hope you never really expected him to show up anywhere. he is a coward, why else would he be attacking people who had passed on. Anyone alive could tear him limb from limb.

 I wish I had more to report, but the rest is just the same old same old.  I don’t even read his blog in detail much anymore. He has no new tricks. This one trick pony has played itself out.

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Posted by josejump on November 22, 2007

Hey Crook, too bad you don’t have any family to visit on Thanksgiving… is that why you are attempting to torment other families? So what, you and your cow of a wife are going to stare at the walls of your Motel room? What’s for dinner? Is she going to be lying on the bed in her stretch pants and Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt, her fingers all coated with cheese from the off brand dollar store corn puffs, laughing like sloth from the goonies, as she watches Jerry Springer re-runs on television?

I imagine you will be hunkered over your keyboard trolling the Internet trying to find some unfortunate soul who has succumbed to a terrible accident. You might want to get a piece of toilet paper to wipe that crusty white stuff off the corners of your mouth, and slide your greasy hair to the side as you switch between porn and digging for attention getting stories.

I guess you have one thing to be thankful for this holiday. You can thank the good lord that your motel room has 2 locks on it…

You are getting more and more pathetic. You and the wife aught to go down to the local clinic so you can refill your meds.

To those who have lost family and friends this holiday season, I am sorry that you had to stumble on that miserable troll.  Take a look around here, and you can see what he is all about. Unfortunately the best he can do is repeat the same shtick over and over again, hoping to get attention. He hasn’t had an original though his whole life. He rehashes the same M.O. over and over again.  Expect more of the same from this scumbag of the highest order.

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