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Give a Bum a Home…

Posted by josejump on December 16, 2007

You know… I have been thinking… I bet Mikey is lonely.

Stuck in that week to week housing with his wife, and not having gainful employment must have him in a tizzy.

Well, since you would have to contact Richard Simmons and have him cut the wall out of the room to get his wife out… I figured maybe we could all pitch in and get Mikey a bus ticket home to see Momma Mavis.

He doesn’t mind moving around… just look at some of the places he has been. He has used addresses in Idaho Falls, ID, Pocatello, ID,  Hopkins, MN,  Atlantic City, NJ, Hammonton, NJ, Mays Landing, NJ, Ocean City, NJ, Dayton, OH, Syracuse, NY, Liverpool, NY… and that isn’t even all of them. Talk about stable.

But Mom… Oh she has settled down.

She has a nice place next to the Ford plant…  you aught to take a look.

Mavis Eggenberger/Delaney hasn’t seen her son in ages… She may miss him if she hasn’t disowned him.

Lets all pitch in and get his wife a few weeks worth of little debbie snack cakes, so she can survive for a few days while he is gone, and then we can all try and scrape up the money to get him to Momma’s house.  It’s not like he is going to miss work by going for a Christmas visit.

 I mean we know Momma and Son are close.. remember she was on his forums. She actively wrote in support of her son. She has to want to talk to him… C’mon, take a wander over to the Northgate Mobile estates, and see how the Matriarch of the family lives… And maybe, just maybe we can make life a little bit happier for the both of them.

Donations will be accepted via paypal and if we don’t manage to put enough money together for the bus ticket… the actual money raised will go to support that free drug charity…(once I start it)

23 Responses to “Give a Bum a Home…”

  1. Zulu said

    Where does Mikey live now??

    Does anybody know???

  2. mamafox said

    I doubt we’d get enough together before the holidays are here, but hey lets try getting him there by the New Year.He can start the New Year fresh with his momma.

    After all he keeps saying how great Missouri is.

  3. mamafox said

    Another idea.

    If Mommy Mavis won’t let him stay, maybe his Uncle Keith Delaney in Corvallis,Oregon will.

    Seems to me, he has enough room in his home.

  4. emilyjanepearson said

    What a charitable idea! While he’s in Missouri, he can hang out with Lori Drew and family and maybe exchange some ideas about how to drive young people to suicide.

  5. emilyjanepearson said

    Looks like Uncle Keith lives in a much nicer neighborhood. I think I’d go hang with him if I could. Of course, I’m sure Mikey is on his shortlist of relatives he never wants to see again.

  6. lonniewalker said

    Well now he’s claiming that he’s going to be on the radio. LMFAO. Mikey doesn’t learn too well from past mistakes. The funny part is that he’s going on a radio station with a DJ in the Army reserves. I’m hoping Mikey is putting himself within arms length of this individual. In fact, I’d probably be willing to pay money to watch this live if he were but knowing Mikey and the coward he is, this is probably not going to happen. He’ll call in to do the radio show. I think maybe there is a way to listen through the internet but listening to Mikey talk is about as painful as listening to Roseanne LaBar attempt to sing the national anthem.

    Lonnie Walker
    Abilene, Texas

  7. princemegajedi said

    Lonnie what is funny is who’s radio show he will be on…lol. This will be another one to listen to, to bad we can’t youtube it…lol.

  8. josejump said

    Just record it and put it on You tube with a slide show… they are really easy to make.

  9. mamafox said

    It may be that SRD will already have it recorded. I believe it is through the Ipods? but not positive. (I think it’s called Ipod)

    We remember him from the WD days.

  10. lonniewalker said

    Well just for good measure, I sent a email to SugarRayDodge. I told him to question everything that comes out of Michaels mouth because he’s a habitual liar and a coward. I also suggested a good question to ask is what is the difference between a married man that picks up a chick on Nazi sites and a married man that picks up a chick on craigslist? Their both wrong but somehow he demonized craigslist guys doing the same thing he does on nazi sites.

    A little truth here there is a friendly rivalry between the services. However, when someone like Mikey comes along that rivalry turns to teamwork really fast. I’ve read some of Sugar Ray’s blogs and trust me, I believe this is going to get pretty damn good to listen to. I just hope Sugar Ray makes Sean Hanity look like a boy scout compared to what he’s going to give Boy Blunder.

    Lonnie Walker
    Abilene, Texas

  11. princemegajedi said

    I still talk to Dave now and then. I will actually listen and call in that day. As Dave will have control that day and not Mike…lol.

  12. emilyjanepearson said

    I’m subscribed to the podcast through the Apple Music Store. It’s free. It plays through iTunes on my machine. Presumably it will play in real time next time instead of just being recorded. Once it’s available on the Apple Store, you can download it at your leisure.

  13. mamafox said

    Thanks Emily,

    That’s what it was was podcast

    Guess I’m not into those fancy gadgets lol

  14. princemegajedi said

    10 to 1 his next topic is about them dropping the Halloway(sic) case. Look at the time of this comment to the time of his blog, I will be right.

  15. P said

    Q – What does a tornado in Oklahoma have in common with a Crook marriage?

    A – By the time it is over, someone loses a trailer.

  16. princemegajedi said

    ok my guess was wrong. But the fruitcake probably did that cause he likes your site so much he saw I said it would be next. So it will come up soon. And as usual it wiull be factless just like all his other blogs.

  17. P said


    Who cares what Crook blogs about. Halloway, the moon landing, the holocaust, the armed forces, DSS, DMCA? It’s all the same. He will simply post the most outlandish, ludicruous and offensive position he can think up and put it out there just to see if he can rile anyone up and draw attention to himself.

    Nothing Crook blogs about is serious. It is obviously shtick. And, at this point, does anyone really care about what he does or has to say, except to make fun of him.

    Other than being a slow moving target to pelt with abuse, and except for the entertaining trainwrecks he keeps getting himself into, how is Crook relevant to anything? Hasn’t he been completely and thoroughly disredited and exposed?

  18. princemegajedi said

    the guy flip flops more than satan….ooops I mean Hil. Clinton…lol.

  19. lonniewalker said

    ^5’s Prince. No to be honest P, I personally believe he enjoys being humiliated. He doesn’t mind letting us know when he’s about to be humiliated so like the car wreck, we all want to watch.

    Come on P, it’s not like we’re making him go on a radio program. Of course it’s fun to laugh at Mikey’s repeated stupidity. Look at Mikey’s face, it deserves to be laughed at. I’m sure whoever had a nude photo of Mikey is still laughing at him til this very day. I’m hoping that isn’t the exposed reference in your email. LMFAO.

    I can’t answer when Mikey has had enough humiliation. That’s Mikey’s call when enough is enough. If he’s as intelligent as he says he is, he ought to be smart enough to know when he needs to stop. Do I feel sorry for Mikey when he continuously does this stuff? Sort of but he’s the one putting himself in these situations voluntarily. He thinks he’s going to convert some to being a racist or into hating people he should get down on his knees and thank god for on a daily basis. So like the world did when Ozzy’s trainwreck happened, we’re going to sit back, have some popcorn, and revel at the cars flying through the air.


  20. princemegajedi said

    Mikes deal is he was always a nobody (still is) but he came up with an idea “Gee wonder if I can be as stupid as Fred Phelps. And whenever it happens that he get’s tired of proven a liar who would not know a fact from a Monty Python Skit he “ban’s” certiamn internet groups. But a few day’s later the ban is lifted. he misses us.

    The only people who ever defend him are Mike, Mike, Mike and Mike. Mike even sends himself hate mail as well.

  21. emilyjanepearson said

    Mikey naked is pretty hilarious, once you get past the nausea.

    I’m told there are people who get off on being humiliated. Personally, I can’t identify with that. Anyway, Crook doesn’t strike me as one of those kinds of people. I think he has to win at everything and he absolutely will never admit that he has lost. You notice that he is good about deleting the evidence and denying that it ever existed.

    I’m amused at his choice to go on SRD Radio. It’s like he actually expects it to go differently from any of his other live appearances. Chadwick would not have him on the show were it not to thoroughly destroy him. I mean, it’s not like he needs Mikey to bump his ratings otherwise. No, I believe that Mikey has been begging him for an appearance for quite some time and I think Dave finally has just decided, why the hell not?

    The only thing that I’m not clear about is if Mikey will benefit monetarily from the appearance. I don’t mean by publicity for his pamphlets or more hits to his site, which he has started advertising on. I mean does he have some kind of deal with SRD Radio for direct payment. If that’s the case, then I won’t be tuning in. If on the other hand, all the profit goes to Chadwick and crew then I’m all in.

  22. P said

    Crook certainly does have the perfect face for radio.

    I am not so sure he gets off on getting humiliated or that he sets out to fail spectacularly. I just think he doesn’t care, or can’t tell the difference anymore.

    I believe Crook wants to be well-known. In lieu of legitimate fame, he’ll settle for infamy. Even being an infamous asshat is preferable to being irrelevant and ignored, at least in Crook’s mind.

    By all accounts, Crook has always been odd, an outcast and not really successful at anything he has tried. I am not sure he knows the difference between success and failure, the effort needed to achieve any measure of success and the difference between being outrageous/outspoken and simply being despised and reviled.

  23. A Relative said

    We all know that Michael is a total jackass, but could we leave his relatives out of it?

    I don’t think Keith has seen him in 20 years, and Mavis threw him out of the house years ago. Leave them out of it. He got all of these negative traits from his father, who has been dead for years, so there is no reason to drag any other relatives into it.

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